Two roubles for SMS in Sberbank, the Russians noticed some money missing from accounts

Два рубля за SMS в Сбербанк: россияне заметили пропажу денег со счетов

Recently she has complained on Twitter that she has to pay two rubles for every SMS sent to the number 900.

“The news of the day!!! Sberbank, turns out it takes 2 rubles per SMS message to the number 900,” he wrote in his account the girl.

As it turned out, she’s not the only one who noticed the loss of money from a mobile account. For the first time on a paid SMS to number 900 talking in the late summer of 2018. Then, a few publications appeared on the popular website, Peekaboo, in which he discussed this subject.

Many subscribers noted that the cost per SMS to number 900 take almost all operators. However, many accusations flew in the direction of the financial institution, however some respondents have noticed that charges for SMS takes not a Bank, a mobile operator.

“And where does the savings Bank? Charge for SMS user takes the network operator. The Bank does not receive this payment anything,” wrote one user.

He also added that the Bank has various other free services to transfer funds and the account.

Other commentators have noted that sending messages with 900 mobile operator Tele2 takes 2 rubles on many tariff plans. The Commission was included in the mid-August 2018. Also for SMS in the savings Bank to pay customers of MegaFon, Beeline and MTS. The price varies depending on the tariff plan, the value does not affect whether the SMS package or not.

Experts stress that the fee is charged because the operators believe the number 900 entertaining, and as you know, for entertainment you have to pay.