Two salaries and a card with codes – as a woman who lost her wallet in the bus, started to believe in miracles

Две зарплаты и карточки с кодами - как женщина, потерявшая кошелек в маршрутке, начала верить в чудеса

Tell them what happened and to thank Melitopol marshrutchik Valentina Stepanovna decided through the media. The woman is sure that such actions should know. Maybe for someone they will serve as an example.

The events occurred on Thursday. Valentina Stepanovna was returning on the bus from the market not only with purchases, but with two salaries, and his daughters, which she took from the cards. Money along with cards she put in the purse. By the way, not relying on memory, Valentina Stepanovna rash here and kept the codes from the cards. In General, no purse, and dream of a pickpocket.

At home she needed the money to pay workers, who in her yard had installed a fence. And only then the woman found that the purse-no. When she is completely desperate to find him, the phone rang on the mobile. Called her from the local branch of the Bank. It turned out that someone looking for it through a banking institution, claiming that he found her card and money.

– I was asked if I was today in the market area. I said Yes. Well, then I was told that I was looking for a bus driver. Given his number – says Valentina Stepanovna.

The woman called the number listed and Maxim, that’s the name of the driver, said he found her wallet. They agreed to meet. According to the driver, when he saw the find waited 20 minutes at the final stop, that there was someone coming back. And then began a search of the owner. The Bank did not immediately believe, but it helped.

– You know, Maxim and even apologized that he had to dig into the wallet to find the owner. He flatly refused to take the reward and said that it always does, and his daughter teaches – do good and it comes back to you – never ceases to marvel at the act of the driver is Valentina Stepanovna.

Look for rasters, according to marshrutchik, is often. Lose – umbrellas, gloves, hats.

RIA Melitopol with pleasure comply with the request of Valentina Stepanovna. She is sincerely thankful to Maxim, the driver of bus No. 20 C. market – district Hospital (AR 8176 ST) not only for money but also faith in people and their honesty.