Two Ukrainian blogers go to Cannes for the “Oscar for bloggers”

Две украинские блогерши поедут в Канны на "Оскар для блогеров"

Ukrainian blogging space every year is gaining more and more momentum, so, the two girls – Sasha Chistov and Anna Andres was nominated for the first award ceremony of the best bloggers.

Event called World Bloggers Awards will take place in Cannes, France, may 24, 2019. The organizers of the international event called the ceremony a real “Oscar bloggers”, which will bring together the best bloggers from different countries. The first of its kind, the ceremony aims to celebrate the impact and social contribution of influencers (bloggers) to a higher level.

Special invited guest will be the famous millionaire and dancer Gianluca Vacca, which has 12.5 million subscribers.

As for Ukrainians, they are blogging to Instagram more than one year. Now Sasha Castaway 1.6 million subscribers, and Anna Andres (the winner of the all-Ukrainian beauty contest “Miss Ukraine universe” 2014) – 755 thousand. Both girls from the city.