Two Ukrainians were trying to smuggle themselves into Russia almost 2 kg of amber – SBS (VIDEO)

Двое украинцев пытались провезти на себе в РФ почти 2 кг янтаря, - ГПСУ (ВИДЕО)

Yesterday at the checkpoint “Bachevsk” on the Ukrainian-Russian border, to travel to Russia there has arrived the car “Volkswagen” Ukrainian registration. During border control the guards noticed nervous behavior of the driver. In the future, the border guards together with employees of fiscal service when checking and personal inspection of the car driver and passenger were found on the body of the driver 9 pieces of amber stones weighing nearly 900 grams. And on the body of the passenger 4 pieces amber stones weighing more than 900 grams. Total weight is discovered hidden from the control of the “sun stone” was more than 1.8 kg.

This IA “most-DNEPR” the press service of the state border service of Ukraine

The men explained to law enforcement that the goods they were carrying to order in Russia with a view to its further implementation. Now the amber stones taken for adoption of the legal decision. On offenders administrative materials.