Tymoshenko: court of appeals confirmed the illegality of increase of tariffs for gas

Тимошенко: апелляционный суд подтвердил незаконность повышения тарифов на газ

The politician argues that people have a right to recovery of overpayments.

Monday, July 8, the Sixth administrative court of appeal dismissed the appeal of the Cabinet of Ministers and upheld the decision of the panel of judges of the District administrative court in Kyiv satisfied the claim of Yulia Timoshenko against the government regarding the illegal increase gas prices for households and Teplokommunenergo, which took place in may 2016. The leader of “Batkivshchyna” announced in the program “Freedom of speech” on channel IСТV.

We will remind, on March 4, the court recognized illegal the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 315 of 2016 to establish a uniform gas prices at the level of 6879 UAH per thousand cubic meters.

“For the second, the appellate court recognized that the tariffs were unlawful, unjustified and unreasonable. This means that we with you all these years when I fought against raising gas prices, were right,” said Yulia Tymoshenko.

She also recalled that when the District administrative court as the first instance made the decision, “judge Eugene ablov dismissed through the Supreme Council of justice, which lay in the pocket of the former President Poroshenko”.

“And today, the appeals court showed that it was just a horrible, illegal act of the government and now the Cabinet, the court demands to cancel these decisions. It demonstrates how we were treated all this time,” said the leader of “Batkivshchyna”.

She also noted that because the courts have proved that the rates were raised illegally and the illegal Executive order there were two and a half years, people have the right to recovery of overpayments.