Tymoshenko, Garden, Gritsenko, Shevchenko and Cooper signed a Memorandum for fair elections

Тимошенко, Садовый, Гриценко, Шевченко и Бондарь подписали меморандум за честные выборы

The candidates accused the authorities of preparing for a massive falsification of the election results.

Candidates for the post of the President Yulia Tymoshenko, Andriy Sadovy, Anatoly Gritsenko, Alexander Shevchenko and Viktor Bondar has signed a Memorandum for fair elections and joint resistance to fraud.

The signing took place in a broadcast channel “1 + 1”.

The initiative “For fair elections” is designed to protect the right of Ukrainians for a fair election and, as a consequence, to protect the democratic path of Ukraine’s development.

“Today the integrity and transparency of the elections is again in jeopardy. Numerous facts indicate that the government is preparing for a massive falsification of the election results,” – the document says.

The signatories called on the other candidates, politicians, community leaders, volunteers, and all citizens of Ukraine to join the initiative “For fair elections”.

“We also call on every citizen of Ukraine not to allow himself to be drawn into the process of election fraud and to report all facts and attempts of fraud in a coordinating Council, which will be created by our political forces. We also appeal to our international partners urging them to help protect the free choice of the Ukrainian people”, – stated in the text of the Memorandum.

It stresses that all attempts to rig the election in Ukraine has always ended tragically for those who have tried to do it.

“It can never be done now. Ukraine – not Russia” – say the presidential candidates.