Tyson fury made a surprise announcement about the Moustache

British boxer Tyson fury has shared his opinion about Alexander Usik. Tyson still believes that Alexander lacks the dimensions for a super heavyweight, but he is sure that the Ukrainians can surprise you.

In an interview with news24 boxing Tyson fury called Alexander Usik technical boxer.

The tendril is capable of anything in the heavyweight division. He’s a good Lefty, very technical fighter. Its only drawback – dimensions. In today’s heavyweight boxers are quite massive. But sometimes size does not matter, if you know how to use it properly,
said fury.

Also fury previously said it has no plans to fight with the Mustache, because the fight with the Ukrainian will not be able to earn a substantial fee.

According to fury, he won’t change his opinion, even if the Tendril wins world champion Anthony Joshua.

Stats fury: 30 fights, 29 wins, 20 KOs, 1 draw

  • Next fight Tyson fury will hold on 22 February against the world champion under version WBC Deontay Allegra.
  • This will be the second fight Wilder and fury. The first meeting ended in a draw, although the British had been knocked down.
  • Oleksandr Usyk gave his prediction for the rematch. Ukrainian convinced that Tyson fury will win the fight.
  • Mustache your next bout in the spring. Ukrainian can meet Derek Cooroy.