Tyson fury mocked his rival in a duel views: video

Тайсон Фьюри поиздевался над своим соперником на дуэли взглядов: видео

Briton Tyson fury and Swede Otto Uallin 14 September will meet in the United States. Boxers conduct final training, but also the press conference.

Fury, who is known for his unconventional behavior, he decided to make fun of Swedish rival.

The Briton was making funny faces and something showed to the audience. When there was a duel views, Tyson also could not resist to make some funny movements.

28-year-old Otto Uallin calmly reacted to the actions of the British and even tried to play along.

Video duel of views fury – Uallin

Experts criticize Tyson for the fight against Ballina. Swede call the ultimate underdog of the fight and the fight will be a cakewalk for fury.

In turn Tyson said that he had little choice opponents.

Fight Tyson fury – Otto Uallin will be held on the 14th of September at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas (USA). The result of the battle, visit the website Спорт24.