U.S. attorney General involved all government security agencies to review a case RF interference in elections

Генпрокурор США привлек все государственные органы безопасности для пересмотра дела вмешательство РФ в выборы

Attorney General William Barr works closely with the CIA, FBI, and the Director of national intelligence, for consideration of the origins of an investigation regarding Russia’s interference during the presidential campaign of Donald trump.

According to a source familiar with this question, it concerns the extension efforts involving all national security agencies that the President had long demanded, writes reporter Laura Jarrett for CNN.

Barr works closely with the Director of the CIA Gina has Haspel, the Director of national intelligence Dan Coates and FBI Director Christopher ray, the source said.

Trump has often called for the Ministry of justice and others to check how the FBI began to investigate the connection between his campaign and the intervention of Russia in election 2016. He also told reporters on Tuesday that he has not asked Barra to urge intelligence agencies to join his investigation of Russian Affairs.

“I didn’t ask him to do it, – said trump at the White house before leaving for Louisiana. I don’t know.”

“But I think it’s a big deal that he did. I saw it last night, and they want to see how did this deception, he continued. You know what? I am so proud of our attorney General that he would investigate this. I think it’s great.”

As CNN reported earlier, us attorney John Durham in Connecticut heads the investigation with Barr. The source said that Durham and Barr carried out a comprehensive review, and Durham is also collaborating with the General inspector of the Ministry of justice Michael Goravica.

At the hearing last month, Barr said, “I think espionage is really happening in campaign trump,” but declined to specify his problem.

“I think espionage for political campaign – is a big problem,” said Barr Congress.

He later defended this term, saying at a separate hearing that he uses it because “it’s a broad word that includes really all forms of covert intelligence collection”.

U.S. attorney John Huber in Utah no longer deals with Russia. First, Huber was asked to consider allegations of abuse of observers from the former attorney General Jeff Sesink, but it was in standby mode since the General inspector has completed the inspection of monitoring orders, the FBI received from the Advisor to the foreign policy of the Carter page.

Review of Huber on other issues related to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, is nearing completion, the source said.

The DNI and the CIA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump and his allies from the Republican party on Capitol hill have repeatedly stated – without proof -an order obtained in 2016 to allow the FBI to monitor page, shows the abuse of justice and the FBI.

Conservative critics of the special adviser Robert Mueller claimed that his work originated from the fruit of the “poisonous tree”, which suggests that the order to appeal FISA was tainted because it included some of the dossier, compiled by the British spy in the resignation of Christopher Steele, who paid the Democrats. They also indicate that the FBI uses an informant to a meeting with former adviser of the campaign trump George Papadopoulos.

Democrats, however, argue that the order (to appeal – ed.) on page FISA was acquitted because of his contacts with Russia and that the FBI and the Department of justice adhere to the proper protocols to successfully obtain from the court in the oversight of foreign intelligence approval order and subsequent updates.