U.S. attorney will investigate the reasons, which began an investigation Muller

Федеральный прокурор США займется изучением причин, из-за которых начались расследования Мюллера

The head of Ministry of justice of the United States William Barr appointed a Federal Prosecutor in Connecticut, John Durham to explore the reasons why an investigation was initiated “Russian Affairs”.

Previously, for the study of spectacular Robert Mueller spoke Donald trump, spoke out against law enforcement.

This is the third investigation focuses on how a “Russian thing”. Separately, inspector General of the U.S. justice Department, Michael Horowitz examines the legality of the wiretaps and the possible prejudice against trump during the investigation. In addition, the study investigation has been a Prosecutor in Utah John Huber, however, on the specialization of its activities is not reported.

On 18 April, müller had published a report on the results of the investigation of a possible Russian intervention in the elections of the American President.

Trump later responded publicly to the investigation into Muller’s original meme in the style of “Game of thrones”.

The rating of trump declined significantly because of the investigation Muller.