U.S. elections: the main competitor Biden withdrew his candidacy

Выборы в США: главный конкурент Байдена снял свою кандидатуру

Senator from the Democratic party of the USA Bernie Sanders on Wednesday, April 8, announced the termination of his presidential campaign.

“The path to victory was virtually impossible. I came to the conclusion that this struggle for the nomination from the Democratic party will have success. That is why today I am announcing the termination of my election campaign,” said Sanders in reference to his supporters.

Thus, the former Vice-President USA Joe Biden was the main candidate for the nomination of the democratic party for participation in presidential elections of the USA in November 2020, according to news Agency Reuters.

Today Joe Biden is the leader in the race among Democrats for the nomination from the party for participation in presidential elections of the United States in November, 2020. As of April 8, Biden managed to win the votes of delegates 1217, and Bernie Sanders – 914. All the candidate needs to be supported by the 1991 delegate to be nominated by the party candidate for the presidency of the United States.