U.S. officials have accused Huawei of fraud and espionage

США официально обвинили Huawei в мошенничестве и шпионаже

The U.S. Department of justice formally accused Chinese telecommunications company Huawei of industrial espionage, fraud, sanctions violations and obstruction of justice. This was stated by the acting U.S. attorney General Matthew Whitaker, reports Bloomberg.

As said Whitaker, the charges the Chinese Telecom company Huawei, its CFO Meng Wanzhou and the two divisions of the company in the United States and Iran filed in new York and Seattle. The Grand jury considered the existing authorities have evidence enough to indict.

The company is accused of Bank fraud, theft of technology from the company T-Mobile, money laundering, breach of sanctions against Iran and obstruction of justice. Moreover, it is noted that these crimes were committed more than 10 years with the participation of the company’s management. Against the CFO of Huawei, which is in Canada awaiting a court decision on extradition to the United States, nominated additional charges for 13 points.

According to investigators, in 2012, Huawei was sent to the American company T-Mobile their engineers so that they get acquainted with the work of the Tappy robot, which mimics the use of smartphones. Employees were paid bonuses for stealing data from competitors.

The U.S. justice Department also found that Huawei has committed Bank fraud because he provided false information about the relationship with his Iranian unit.

Whitaker stressed that the charges appear only Huawei and its officials – question of the involvement of the Chinese authorities is not.

Huawei representatives have already rejected the charges. The company said that did not commit offences, do not have information about any violations committed by man Wanzhou, and the dispute with T-Mobile settled in 2017.