UAH took the leadership of the dollar: a new course from NBU

Гривна отобрала лидерство у доллара: представлен новый курс от НБУ

The exchange rate in Ukraine on Wednesday, July 3, 2019: torque changed his mind and went to “swing right”, the dollar sank

The national Bank of Ukraine set the following official exchange rates in the country on the third day of the work week:

$ 100 – UAH 2617.9033;

EUR 100 – UAH 2958.4925;

10 rubles – UAH 4.1405.

The American currency has stopped its growth and fell by 3 kopecks, and the Euro fell as much as 16 cents, the Russian ruble, looking at their foreign “friends”, also fell in price by 1 penny.

The dollar continues its rise, as it rose by 3 pennies. The European currency with the American example has not dropped 2 pennies. The Russian ruble has decided to be stable.

Recall that in the previous banking day, Tuesday, July 2, in Ukraine there were the following exchange rates:

$ 100 – UAH 2620.6493;

EUR 100 – UAH 2974.1749;

10 rubles – UAH 4.1562.

Trading on the interbank market yesterday, on July 2, closed:

with the dollar at 26.17/UAH 26.18,

Euro – 29.56/29.57,

the Russian ruble 0.4130/0.4136 UAH.

In the Ukrainian banks, the average exchange rate of the dollar on Tuesday made up 26.00 UAH to purchase and to 26.25 UAH per sale.

July 2, operated by such official rates of precious metals (10 ounces) of the national Bank:

Gold – 364?283,36 UAH

Silver – 3?988,63 UAH

Platinum – 214?369,11 UAH

Palladium – 399?386,95 UAH

As previously reported, it became known as has changed since July 1, gas prices for consumers. About this informed the press-service of “Naftogaz”.

According to available information, from July 1, industrial customers will pay for gas at the new rates.

In particular, the monopolist has reduced the price of natural gas for industrial consumers from 1 July 2019. Now “Naftogaz of Ukraine” offers its customers natural gas price 5017 – 5606 UAH per 1 thousand cubic meters (excluding VAT and expenses for its transportation by main and distribution pipelines).

When compared with the figures for June 2019, the price of gas was reduced by 12.7-13.5 percent.

It should be noted that the monopolist has not yet published a new price in July for gas for the population and other consumers of PSO. But if you rely on a Cabinet decision of 5 June 2019, the price will likely be reduced. In the “Naftogaz” has previously described the price 5803 UAH per 1 thousand cubic meters (without VAT, transportation and distribution).

Also earlier it was reported that the Ukrainians are waiting for the “surprise” the new payment system for communal. In particular, prior to July 1, Ukrainians will come new bills for the property. Within two months, they are obliged to pay taxes for “extra” square meters. The amount of tax according to the legislation, defines the local authorities. The law restricts them to a maximum rate of 1.5% of minimum salary for each “extra” square meters. Already the decision of the city or village Council instead of the 1.5% may, for example, charge 1% of the minimal salary.

It is also important to note that the minimum wage is taken into account as of 1 January 2018. Then, the minimum salary amounted to UAH 3723. Accordingly, Ukrainians over the square will have to pay UAH 37.2

So, for the apartment with an area of 100 squares will have to pay a tax of 1488 UAH. The tax will pay the Ukrainians who own houses and apartments ranging from 60 and 120 squares. However, as in the case of rates the local government to increase this rate.

Гривна отобрала лидерство у доллара: представлен новый курс от НБУ