UAZ in the role of the plow or cultivator? Not a problem! The wizard checked what it is

УАЗ в роли плуга или культиватора? Не проблема! Мастера проверили каково это

The Network has published a new video from the guys at “the Garage is 54”. Wizards are good, and have shown that can create interesting, quality or crazy projects. Just new and is in the latter category. Standard UAZ “hunter” was transformed into an agricultural cultivator to plow in the garden.

The idea deserves attention and really wondering how the car will be efficient as specialized equipment. This was bought old rims, which are welded blade made of metal. As planned, the SUV had to plow the ground and gradually move forward.

However, the failure of this solution showed the first tests. Then “Garage 54” decided to put new wheels only on the front axle, that she was plowing and the rear wheels pushed the car. But the car just went, no scopa and two feet of earth. Replace all wheels on the disks with blades is also brought no positive result – the car just dug.

However, the work of masters and their experiments, it was interesting to watch.