UAZ showed a new modification of the “Pros”

УАЗ показал новую модификацию «Профи»

The range of special vehicles on the basis of the commercial model will be enriched by the tanker.

Depending on the equipment variant UAZ “Pros” will be able to refuel vehicles, small boats the river vehicles or aircraft ultralight aviation. As told the press service of the company, the special model was developed by the partner brand, the suburban company “Vector”.

The special model is fully equipped in accordance with the requirements of the Geneva agreement on road transportation of dangerous goods (ADR). Certificate of transport vehicle type approval for all modifications planned to the end of 2020

The car created on the basis of all-wheel drive UAZ “Pro” with a single-row double cabin, petrol engine displacement of 2.7 liters (149,6 HP) and a 5-speed manual transmission. Basic provides for two-piece cistern with a stainless steel apparatus for issuing and accounting for fuel.

The car is equipped with equipment to filter the fuel flow from the tank, check and control parameters during storage (temperature, density, level), taking into account the number and selection of samples to check the quality and purity of delivered fuel.

For the safety properties of the oil meet pipeline made of stainless steel. The property for maintenance and refueling are two of the canister storage sleeves and boxes for packing the included spare parts, tools, accessories and materials.

Special model for refueling a car-oriented owners parks taxis and car sharing. Mounted on the chassis UAZ “Pro” tank divided into two compartments: main (800 l) is designed for gasoline, extra (200 liters) for the washer fluid.

In vehicle modification for maintenance and refueling of small river vessels included the same dvuhyakornaya tank. Under the gasoline or diesel fuel allocated 800 litres, 200 more are reserved for technical water for cleaning the bottoms of boats.

The tank is the vehicle for servicing and refueling of aircrafts of small aircraft designed for storage and distribution of jet fuel TS-1, or aviation fuel (800 liters). Additional capacity of 200 liters is used to drain the sludge during the filling process or storage protivopodagricescie liquid.

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