Uber and Volvo unveiled the production unmanned vehicle

Uber и Volvo представили серийный беспилотный автомобиль

Uber and Volvo are cooperating in the field of Autonomous cars for more than three years. The result of their work was the drone on the basis of crossover Volvo XC90, production of which is scheduled for 2020.

According to Uber, serial drone XC90 will be assembled at the Volvo Cars plant in Sweden. Start of production is scheduled for mid-2020, according to Auto Informant with reference to Reuters.

The Volvo XC90 will receive a fully Autonomous control system, which will allow him to travel without driver intervention. However, to increase security, the manufacturer has equipped the vehicle with additional braking system, steering and power. Therefore, in case of failure of the autopilot or other force majeure, the driver will be able to take control and to stop the car.

According to Uber, the drones will get internal camera type “fish eye” to scan the items and self-closing doors. Also they will not have the sunroof, since it has a sensor. In addition, the Autonomous XC90 will be able not to rely on maps when finding its way into the city, and will focus on the architecture of the area.

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