Uber: electric aircraft will take you from the car Park in 2023

Uber: электрические самолеты заберут вас с автостоянки в 2023 году

The company Uber has indicated that it may start the service flying taxi in four years.

Passengers using a smartphone app, will be collected from the points of landing on the top of high office buildings, multi-storey car Park or shopping centre. And they will be able to avoid traffic jams, flying over the city on an electric plane Uber at a speed of from 150 to 200 mph, said in a statement.

The aircraft can fly up to 60 miles on a single battery charge, while in five minutes the batteries are again charged.

The service is not intended for the elite. The company hopes to offer their services to taxi flight at a price around a third higher than the cost of a regular car taxis. For example, in the UK 25 mile journey in a regular taxi, Uber can cost 46 pounds and 70 pounds will cost the same UberAir ride.

The press Secretary said that UberAir debuts in American cities, Los Angeles and Dallas in 2023 and in subsequent years it is planned global expansion. He hoped that the taxi can fly in British skies within the next decade, but the debut in the UK will depend on the successful launches elsewhere in the first place.

And, likely, Uber will be harder to run in British cities than abroad because of the strict rules the airspace in the UK.

According to Uber, an electric aircraft that will fly at a height of from 300 to 600 meters above the ground, were “urgently needed” in the cities, where congested roads are at the limit. The drivers will carry up to four passengers, taking them at the point of landing. After you place your order, users can sit on one of the “flying cars” just five minutes.

The average flight will be 25 miles. Uber says that such a journey can take 69 minutes for traditional taxi, but 33 minutes on UberAir. The flight will last for 11 minutes, and the remaining time the client will walk or go on the traditional taxi to and from point of embarkation and disembarkation.

Uber is working with five companies on projects for their flying taxi and was still developing plans on how and whether the vehicle to fly in bad weather. The company has acknowledged that it may need to prepare new labor force pilots. Thomas Prevost, Director of the airspace systems of the company, said that Uber will initially work with trained pilots, former commercial airlines.

But he added: “While we are building, we already have a shortage of pilots, so we have to find ways to attract and train additional pilots. We hope that these machines will be easier to fly than helicopters, and I hope with time we can have a quicker training program so we can increase the number of people.”

Last summer, Uber has been involved in litigation in some European cities. In some cities, she was forbidden to work due to the fact that it is a very big competition to the local taxi drivers.

Uber: электрические самолеты заберут вас с автостоянки в 2023 году

Uber: электрические самолеты заберут вас с автостоянки в 2023 году