Uber Shuttle do not take children under 12 years old: causes and review of the company

В Uber Shuttle не берут детей до 12 лет: причины и комментарий компании

Recently Uber launched in Kiev a pilot project, under which the company issued to certain routes their buses. The service immediately began to enjoy the many passengers, but some of this service is not staged.

Uber Shuttle buses run on Kiev for several months and managed to attract many residents of the capital. However, there are those who are dissatisfied with the services. So, one girl expressed her opinion about the company as a group Kyiv Baby/Parent Friendly Places in Facebook, according to the Auto Informant.

The essence of the conflict

The girl very much was indignant with that the bus driver refused to take her on Board because her 3-year-old child. “Faced with discrimination regarding parents with a child in Uber Shuttle”, – stated in the message. As it turns out then, the driver explained its refusal by the fact that according to traffic regulations children up to 12 years can not travel in a vehicle without a special car seat. “Uber does not want to see mothers with children of their passengers,” she concluded.

The SDA paragraph 21.11 States that children whose growth is less than 145 cm or under 12 years of age in vehicles without the use of special means you can’t transport.

Asking about how can I use in a similar situation to his seat, the girl also was refused. The driver said he could not establish a personal chair, since it is not provided in the design of the bus.

What the company says Uber

Understanding the legality of the actions of the driver, we decided to contact Uber about this incident and the press office gave a comprehensive answer. “Uber passenger safety is our top priority. It also means that we expect drivers to comply with traffic rules, according to which, in this particular case, it is forbidden to carry children under 12 years without a special seat. We regret this unpleasant incident and keep in touch with the mom to explain the situation. We want to offer all users safe and reliable trip, so consider the service and parents with young children,” said George sokolyanskiy, head of Uber development in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Seat belts – always

In addition, under the post girls began to receive comments about the seat belts in the Uber Shuttle. Some residents of the capital say that not all buses are equipped with them. “On the back (last) row may not be seat belts. In this case, we limit the capacity of such a bus in our system, according to the number of seats with seat belts. That is, if in total in the bus, 20 seats, of which 16 have seat belts, we never put more than 16 passengers in that bus,” said Uber. That is, regardless of the number of places, the application will not allow the driver to take more people than that will be able to fasten the seat belt in his car.

В Uber Shuttle не берут детей до 12 лет: причины и комментарий компании