Uber will block passengers with a low rating

Uber будет блокировать пассажиров с низким рейтингом

New rule will be introduced in the U.S. and Canada

The company Uber will block passengers with low ratings, reports Business Insider.

Passengers whose behavior would be seen as incorrect may lose the right to travel through the app.

For example, a rules violation will be deemed negligence of the client – if he leaves behind trash in the car. Or attempts to compel the driver to drive in violation of the speed. For this, the driver can give the passenger a low rating.

Uber customers in USA and Canada, which are often caught in a negative rating will be notified that they may refuse to access services.

“Respect is a two way street, as the responsibility”, – said the head of the division global brand initiatives and Uber Kate Parker.

Thus, she recalled that the drivers have long been evaluated on the basis of this rating.

The company did not specify what the level will be extremely low and entail the punishment of clients. For Uber drivers, such threshold was determined at 4.6 points.

Earlier, Uber has launched in Kyiv a new form of transport.