Ubisoft gives free game Assassin’s Creed Unity with a 3D map of Notre Dame

Ubisoft бесплатно раздает игру Assassin's Creed Unity с 3D-картой Нотр-Дама

Ubisoft has decided to provide financial assistance for the restoration of the Church Notre-Dame, which suffered in the fire. In addition, the publisher made a nice gift for gamers.

What is known about the fire in Notre Dame? We will remind, in the evening of April 15 at the Cathedral of Notre Dame broke out a large-scale fire. Probably, the fire occurred due to restoration works, but the exact cause has not yet been reported.

The fire collapsed the spire and part of the roof. According to French media reports, the fire spread to one of the iconic rectangular towers of the temple. In addition, a large fire engulfed the roof of the building.

Ubisoft бесплатно раздает игру Assassin's Creed Unity с 3D-картой Нотр-Дама

What is known about other cultural tragedies of this scale: infographics

Help in the restoration of the Cathedral. Several investors and billionaires have announced their readiness to assist the restoration of the iconic Cathedral in Paris. In particular, the 200 million euros allocated by Bernard Arnault and his group LVMH, which owns Louis Vuitton.

Another 100 million euros donated Francois-Henri Pinault – the owner of football club “Rennes” and the French multinational oil and gas company Total. Their willingness to help announced and Apple CEO Tim cook, however the amount of donations is not specified.

In addition, the budget Paris will allocate 50 million euros for the restoration of the building. French football club PSG initiates the collection of money among fans all over the world for the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral after a fire. Overall, at the moment, on the restoration of Notre Dame have already collected 700 million euros.

The Reaction Ubisoft. As reported on the official website in the noble mission decided to join and Ubisoft. She will donate 500 thousand euros for the restoration of the Cathedral.

In addition, a pleasant surprise was given to the gamers. To allow all to assess the Notre-Dame Cathedral, Ubisoft has launched a free giveaway of the game Assassin’s Creed Unity. The event will be held from 17:00 on 17 April and 10:00 on April 25 (local time). To get the multilingual version, is to login into VPN.

The trailer for the game Assassin’s Creed Unity – watch videos

Note, Assassin’s Creed Unity no wonder players come to mind after the tragedy. Events in this part takes place in Paris, and the virtual Notre Dame even can not boast of absolute historical accuracy, it is still impressive in its scope and beauty. In Unity, you can explore Notre Dame as it would never have reached in real life. For example, to climb to the roof to hang on the famous gargoyles, or you can look into all the corners inside the temple. In the end, the artists Ubisoft made a detailed interactive 3D map of the Cathedral.

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