Ubisoft has officially unveiled the UPlay Plus: benefits and subscription price

Ubisoft официально представила сервис UPlay Plus: преимущества и цена подписки

On the E3 show 2019 Ubisoft has announced a subscription service UPlay Plus. It includes more than 100 titles of computer games and is intended to complement a similar service Origin, EA Access and Xbox Game Pass.

Date of launch UPlay Plus. As reported by Overclockers, UPlay Plus allows a fixed monthly fee for unlimited access to a database of games that user can play unlimited number of times within the validity of the subscription.

Launch UPlay Plus will be held September 3 in the U.S. and “most of Europe”. Ubisoft will offer a free trial with 3 to September 30 those gamers who until mid-August, sign up on their website.

Price UPlay Plus. Between this, Ubisoft version comes out a bit more expensive than the competition. UPlay Plus will cost $ 15 per month. For comparison, Origin Basic Access costs $ 5 per month (Premier Access – $ 15), and the Microsoft Xbox offers Game Pass for $ 10 for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the PC and consoles.

The announcement of the UPlay Plus at E3 2019 – watch videos

The Benefits Of UPlay Plus. However, Ubisoft claims that their service provides you access to the uploaded content and extensions for existing games, as well as beta versions of new games included in the subscription.

Another important advantage of the UPlay Plus will be compatible with streaming cloud service Google Stadia. The company has already signed a partnership agreement with Google, and the launch UPlay Plus platform Stadia will be held next year.

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