Ubisoft will ban players in Rainbow Six Siege, which disrupted matches for spam in chat

Ubisoft будет банить игроков в Rainbow Six Siege, которые срывали матчи спамом в чат

Victory at any cost, even at the cost of subsequent ban, so consider some of the players in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Recently Ubisoft closed the bug that allows you to create major lag with the chaotic spam in chat, and threatened those who used it, a temporary lock.

Unfair gamers, usually from a losing team filled the chat most of the long messages consisting of random characters like a dollar sign and ampersand. This created a serious lag, because of which gaining the lead, the opponents were forced to either temporarily withdraw, or even leave the game.

The developers said that already solve the problem. They also added that the players resorted to using a bug, have violated the rules of conduct forbidding to interrupt the “General gameplay in the game client”.

“These bans are aimed at players who abused symbols in chat to disrupt the matches, – said the representative of the Studio. – They [the bans] will have a different duration depending on the frequency and severity of use of the exploit. This is our next step towards the imposition of sanctions on players who knowingly and intentionally using exploits to the detriment of the match”.

Part of the gamers started to worry that they can get a hot hand because they took advantage of the bug by chance or summoned him specifically to confirm the existence of the problem. However, they were reassured in his “Twitter” senior software developer community, Craig Robinson (Craig Robinson), who said that punished only those who used the exploit no less than ten times.