Ubisoft will introduce a new method for activate the game in Uplay in order to overcome the resale codes

Ubisoft внедрит новый метод активации игр в Uplay, чтобы побороть перепродажу кодов

It is reported that Ubisoft signed a partnership agreement with the British company which was developed by Genba. The publisher wants to change the procedure to activate games bought on third party sites.

Which was developed by Genba specializiruetsya for distribution of games through third party digital stores. Firm receives the keys from publishers and using its own technology passes them to the sites. Codes refer one service receives a new key only after you report the sale of the past. Together with Ubisoft , the company has developed a process of “silent activation” key (Silent Key Activation).

Silent Key Activation codes excludes from the trading process – they remain with the which was developed by Genba. It works like this. You go to the site to buy, say, Anno 1800. After payment you will be asked to log in to your Uplay account, and entertainment automatically will attach to him as if you purchased it directly through the service by Ubisoft.

By using the new system, the French publisher wants to avoid the resale of keys and other forms of fraud. So, dishonest shops can cheat with statements to sell the game at full price and then say that the keys broke during the sale and, therefore, the publisher relies a smaller share of revenues.

SKA also reduces the risk of theft of the keys – in the words of the General Director which was developed by Genba Matt Murphy (Matt Murphy), even neither he nor other employees of the company will not be able to access Bank codes.

In addition, Murphy mentioned that his firm works not only with Ubisoft, but with the “other AAA publisher and platformization”. Unknown partner also introduce a system activation games without extra equipment such as keys.

Ubisoft внедрит новый метод активации игр в Uplay, чтобы побороть перепродажу кодов