Ubisoft will reward players for catching bugs in Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft будет вознаграждать игроков за отлов багов в Rainbow Six Siege

Last year, Ubisoft launched the system error messages R6Fix, thanks to which managed to collect more than 7 thousand reports. Now the company introduced the initiative Bug Hunter Program, which will reward players for finding all sorts of bugs.

All you need is to specify the problem using a test server R6Fix. The message must be written in English and clearly articulated. It is necessary to attach visual proof of findings in the form of screenshot or video.

The quality control team will check the report and try to reproduce the bug yourself. The one who first let me know about any reproducible bug, will receive a conditional score.

If you type three or more recognized report, you will receive a special reward – they will be distributed every second Friday. The first and only reward will be the keychain operative Frost, “the feet of the Raptor”. Bending in the wrong direction feet – the legendary (and already fixed) bug “Siege”.

In the near future the authors plan to add more rewards.