UEFA has decided on a new name for the third Cup

В УЕФА определились с новым названием для третьего еврокубка

In 2021 in Europe starts a new international tournament for clubs. However, UEFA could not come up with his name.

In the documents of the new organization of the tournament was held under the title “Europa 2”.

According to German media reports, the tournament decided to call the conference League – Europa League Conference. Participation in the group stage of the tournament will feature 32 teams – 4 club in 8 groups. In 1/8 finals will be the group winners. The teams who took second place, will play butt matches with commands which will take the third place in the group stage of Europa League.

While UEFA are working to bring all three of the tournament to a logical relationship. Because the organization has no plans to increase the number of places to federations in the competitions.