UEFA has proposed an interesting plan how to finish the season in the Champions League and Europa League

Pandemic coronavirus is not yet on the decline. Therefore, the restoration of the football season has been postponed. And yet it will have once complete.

Recall that in the Champions League and Europa League matches were interrupted at the stage of the playoffs. In the Champions League have played four of the eight matches of 1/8 finals. But in the Europa League played only the first matches of 1/8 finals. Among them and Shakhtar Donetsk, which is on the road defeated German “Wolfsburg”.

Stopped holding and national Championships. At least until April 30. The only soccer tournament that is now is Belarusian. And he just started.

However, the European clubs and UEFA think over how to finish and national Championships, and European cups. One of the proposals was expressed by the President of the European club Association (ECA) and the owner of Juventus Andrea Agnelli. His proposal described the newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

Agnelli insists that national Championships are more important than the European Cup. So he invited UEFA to all teams finish their Championships. And then in July to hold the European Cup matches every three days.

But this proposal has drawbacks:

  • each country is left to a different number of matches to the end of the championship;
  • in each country the situation with the pandemic coronavirus. Therefore, some countries may be faster to start the championship, while others will respect the quarantine.
  • many players ‘ contracts with clubs until 30 June 2020. How then to deal with such players who can not agree on a new contract?

While UEFA have not yet made a final decision.

  • The Champions League final to be held in Istanbul
  • The Europa League will take the Polish Gdansk

By the way, that the Champions League match “Atalanta” and “Valencia” is called a “deadly bomb”, which was the reason for the wide spread of the coronavirus in Italy.

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