UEFA opened a case against Ireland after the match with Georgia

УЕФА открыл дело против Ирландии после матча с Грузией

Control, ethics and disciplinary body UEFA launched an investigation against the Football Association of Ireland after the match against Georgia in the selection for Euro 2020.

The investigation started in connection with the throwing fans from the stands of foreign objects, according to the official UEFA website.

We are talking about the incident, when fans of the Ireland team began to throw on the field the tennis balls. As a result, the referee even had to stop the game.

Therefore, Irish fans protested against a sports official John Delaney. It is because of the scandal, last week resigned from his post as Executive Director of the Federation, but remained in the structure of the organization.

The case against Ireland will be considered on may 16.

The match ended with the victory of Ireland 1:0. The only goal in the match was scored in the 35th minute Huliganom.