UEFA responded harshly to rumors about revolutionary changes in the Champions League

В УЕФА жестко ответили на слухи о революционных изменениях в Лиге чемпионов

The Union of European football associations (UEFA) made a statement regarding the information on change of format of the Champions League.

Previously it was about changing the number of participants in the Champions League and the offer to “get rid” of the clubs from the top leagues.

In connection with some factual incorrect articles that have appeared recently in the Russian press, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that no concrete proposals regarding possible amendments to the UEFA Champions League does not exist and that discussions on this topic are conducted only on a consultative basis. We would also like to note that the proposed changes to the format of the Champions League was initiated by the European club Association (ECA), not UEFA
– reads the statement of UEFA.

As previously reported, the new format of the tournament in the group stage was formed four groups of eight teams, which would increase the number of European Cup matches.

Five best teams from each group automatically would fall into the following season’s Champions League. The matches would be held on weekends so as not to conflict with the national Championships.

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