“UFO lost to the Sun”: Aliens from Nibiru desperately tried to destroy the star – ufologist

The Anunnaki wanted to erase the Sun from the face of the Solar system, to easily capture humans and make them slaves, but light burned all the aliens and swallowed a secret civilization, wrote an authoritative ufologist.

«НЛО проиграли Солнцу»: Пришельцы с Нибиру отчаянно пытались уничтожить звезду – уфолог

Authoritative researchers of the alien and the supporter of the theory of the existence of Nibiru announced a very interesting version of the events until today, when the Sun split the Planet X into six pieces. The researcher argues that in the sky I spotted a UFO which tried to shoot down the Sun with their heavy duty laser cannons and fixtures described in fantasy novels.

“If not for the closure of solar observatories throughout the world, in some countries, this was not mentioned. The photos are clearly visible in the debris tail of Nibiru with more than one character of the monster. And the lunar swirls is common in the pictures of the Nibiru complex already more than a decade. Enhance your photos to the green clouds to reveal the details only makes them more eerie, as befits the history of alien invasion” – says ufologist.

He suggested that the Solar Observatory in new Mexico was suddenly closed, because those who in the US government are concerned that the concealment of Nibiru may be a sensation. This paranoia quickly spread to other countries. The aliens from Nibiru desperately tried to destroy a star, but the enemy UFO lost the Sun in this battle. Judging by the pictures, not a single ship of the Anunnaki close to the Sun for his destruction. In turn, the surface of the star burned part of the attackers, and then swallowed some of their ships, the expert emphasizes.

«НЛО проиграли Солнцу»: Пришельцы с Нибиру отчаянно пытались уничтожить звезду – уфолог

On the basis of their final battle the Sun is able to remain unscathed, what can be said about Nibiru and its civilization. On this basis should not fear the attack of the Anunnaki, but there is a new unexpected threat is a collision with an asteroid that appeared after the collision of the Sun and Nibiru at the same time these six celestial bodies in the sky and they may all or in part to visit the Earth, warns the researcher.

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