Ufologists have called the most mysterious place that was built by aliens

American ufologists attribute the existence of some strange places on Earth the merit of alien beings. Recently, experts have called the most mysterious place that could be built by aliens.

Уфологи назвали самые загадочные места, которые построили инопланетяне

Some ufologists believe that the Sacsayhuaman, the citadel on the Northern outskirts of Cusco, Peru, was the creation of the ancient civilization with the help of alien architects. It is believed that the 1000 year block fortress walls made of rocks weighing up to 360 tons each, which helped to move the aliens. The second amazing creation of the newcomers are the Nazca lines, it’s more than 800 a long white lines etched in the Peruvian desert.

Ufologists from Michigan state University argue that the Giza pyramids could be built with extraterrestrial civilizations. It is noted that the Great pyramid consists of millions of precisely cut stones weighing at least two tons each.

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