Ufologists have linked mass disease of children by a mysterious paralysis with the arrival of Nibiru

New sinister evidence of the harmful effect of Planet X on the life of mankind, has been widely discussed in expert circles and even in parts of the scientific community.

Уфологи связывают массовое заболевание детей загадочным параличом с прилетом Нибиру

Throughout the world, especially in USA suddenly appeared previously unknown disease, which affects minors. Ufologists, after analyzing the statistics, clearly associated mass disease of children by a mysterious paralysis with the arrival of Nibiru into the Solar system. The first cases were reported just four years ago, when according to the calculations of experts, the planet-killer approached the limits of the system. From 120 children only in the US initially seemed to be an easy cold sick with characteristic signs in the form of a cough and runny nose. But then, the children began to go numb limbs, after which, in most cases stepped or full or partial paralysis. Another surge of the disease acute flaccid myelitis, scientists call this disease, at the beginning of this year. The children began to get sick with alarming regularity. An unknown virus attacks the nervous system of the spinal cord only in children under 12 years of age. Currently, the expert community widely discussed the question of why mostly sick children from the United States. Some conspiracy theorists insist the Pentagon test new biological weapons. Ufologists believe that the disease is extraterrestrial in nature. Just the aliens from Nibiru are interested in the demographic catastrophe in the world, and in addition, in destabilizing the situation in the territory of one of the most powerful countries.

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