Ufologists-pacifists have accused the aliens from Nibiru in the attack on the “Soyuz MS-10”

Planet X in a month will leave the Solar system on a 3,600 years and kick on the booster RF Anunnaki were safe from interference, “nuclear humanity” in their plans, according to opponents of science.

Уфологи-пацифисты обвинили пришельцев с Нибиру в атаке на «Союз МС-10»

Roscosmos cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin NASA astronaut Nick Hague, made an emergency landing in Kazakhstan. Fortunately, the incident after the separation of the first stage of “Soyuz MS-10” is not turned into a tragedy, the experts were engaged in investigation of failed output of the rocket into orbit.

However, hunters Nibiru no investigation is not necessary, and the most nimble ufologists-pacifists have accused the aliens from Planet X in the attack on the “Soyuz MS-10”. Why are pacifists, you ask? Yes, because not all opponents of science believe in the anunnaku desire to conquer the Land. Many conspiracy theorists are convinced that peace-loving aliens are afraid of destroying each other’s people, and nuclear weapons on Nibiru is perceived as a threat of intergalactic proportions.

Уфологи-пацифисты обвинили пришельцев с Нибиру в атаке на «Союз МС-10»

Now the “death Star” is at the point of closest approach to our planet about 200 million miles. After a month of “fireball” finish your visit in the Solar system, occurring every 3 600 years. Previous cycles Nibiru did not cause concern among its residents, because people have not had the opportunity to go into space and to consider between Jupiter and Mars is a huge object. Now the situation has changed, humanity has learned to leave the Earth, anunnaku putting the secret at risk of exposure.

Of course, the aliens from Planet X do not want in order to “nuclear” the Terrans have learned about their existence. Detection in space teeming with unique life forms of Nibiru is fraught with research interest in the worst case – war. Given the possible consequences, Anunnaki brought down somehow makes them “Soyuz MS-10” energy bomb. The next month, scientists will not be able to test the theory of UFO-pacifists that will allow the Planet X completely removed.

Notably, Nibiru several times more land, according to the Sumerians, and its orbit is 200 million km away from us. A logical question arises: why do we not see the “death Star”? Conspiracy theorists believe that highly developed aliens are defending your “home” a transparent energy field. However, the instrument of “Soyuz MS-10” could feel the presence of a certain giant object in space. Very convenient, because this theory is also impossible to verify.

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