UK drivers will pay for refusing personal car

В Великобритании водителям будут платить за отказ от личного автомобиля

In the UK, decided to pay drivers who will transfer from private vehicles to public. As reported by The Times, the amount of “remuneration” up to £ 3,000 a year – the current rate is slightly more than 256 thousand rubles.

It is worth noting that real money moved to the bus drivers do not get it. They will put on a special card, with which you can pay the fare in public transport, car sharing or leasing of electric cars and bicycles. For a certain time for the “refuseniks” will follow a specially created group and on the basis of the data will determine the amount for which the motorist to refuse a personal transport.

The fee for the use of public transport is one of the measures aimed at cleaning British cities from sarasayshi. A testing ground for new initiatives of the government is Coventry (tiasc more than 300 residents), where he launched a pilot project. In case of success “fee for transplant” introduce the rest of the UK.