UK retail chain Tesco is going to sack 15 thousand people

Британская торговая сеть Tesco собирается уволить сразу 15 тысяч человек

Britain’s biggest retailer Tesco is going to save reduce 15 thousand jobs. On Sunday the newspaper the Mail on Sunday, citing industry sources.

She explains that at the moment the head of Tesco Dave’yuiss making efforts to save by 2020, £1.5 billion.

According to the publication, of a number of the stores may disappear the shelves with fish, meat, and deli departments. Changes will affect bakeries and Tesco, where instead of the fresh dough to be used frozen, which will reduce the need for skilled bakers. In addition, some employees of the retailer may lose their jobs in connection with management’s plans to abandon the canteens for staff in the use of vending machines.

It is expected that these changes will affect the greater majority of the 732 large chain stores.