Ukraine acknowledged the superiority of Russian boats

На Украине признали превосходство российских катеров

The head of the Ukrainian military center Taras Chmut said that the Russian boats exceed Ukrainian analogues. He expressed hope that the termination of the procurement of new boats “Gyurza-M” from the naval forces of Ukraine.

“Ukrainian MBAC (about 54 tons) and the Russian “Sobol” (about 57.5 tons). It is interesting to compare the hull shape of the boats of the same tonnage. It is immediately evident that Mbeki not adapted neither to speed nor to the full action of the sea. Hopefully, in the eight buildings of naval forces of Ukraine will end their purchases,” he wrote.

Small armored artillery boat project 58155 (“Gyurza-M”) become part of the project “mosquito fleet” – a new concept of the Ukrainian Navy, adopted after 2014. In 2016 they were adopted.

Patrol boats of the project 12200 “Sobol” began to enter the fleet in 2008. They use a German power plant, modern navigation equipment and domestic voorziene, including guided missiles “Whirlwind”.