Ukraine and Iceland have introduced the open skies regime

Украина и Исландия ввели режим открытого неба

Ukraine and Iceland have introduced the open skies regime between the two countries fixing in a temporary agreement on air traffic, the absence of any restrictions on frequency of flights, routes and number of airlines. This is stated in the report on the progress and outcomes of the program of activities of the Cabinet for 2019.

Now between the countries have not signed the permanent contract, which reglamentary tolerance carriers.

The report also says that the aviation authorities of Ukraine and the Netherlands have agreed to launch regular flights on the lines Amsterdam-Lviv and Amsterdam-Kherson.

However, because the actual decision to start the flights take airline, in this case speech, probably, goes about the introduction of new routes into the agreement on air communication.

For 2019 Ukraine has carried out a partial liberalization of flights with Hungary, removing existing restrictions on the number of flights on the Odessa-Budapest.