Ukraine and Israel signed a free trade agreement

Украина и Израиль заключили соглашение о свободной торговле

The free trade agreement was signed by the economy Ministers of Ukraine and Israel after a meeting between Petro Poroshenko and Netanyahu. Ukraine is also exploring the military experiences of Israel.

The free trade agreement between Ukraine and Israel was signed by the economy Ministers of the two countries in Jerusalem on Monday, January 21, after talks between Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and the head of the Israeli Cabinet Benjamin Netanyahu.

As stated Poroshenko, Ukraine and Israel “has destroyed all the barriers in our economic relations”. The agreement is aimed at “creating a legal basis for the liberalization of markets for industrial and agricultural goods of the parties,” according to the official website of the Ukrainian President.

Thanks to the agreement must be “abolished import duties for approximately 80 percent of Ukrainian industrial goods,” wrote, in turn, the Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv on his page in Facebook. According to him, the result is “cancel for about 70 percent of import duties on Israeli industrial products” is expected to increase of Israeli investments in the Ukrainian economy.

Ukraine is studying the military experience of Israel

Ukraine studied the experience of Israel, not only in the economic sphere, but also in the military, said Poroshenko. “We’ve learned from Israel how to protect our country, to make a strong army. And we learned how to make a strong economy and ensure the welfare of our people”, – said the Ukrainian President, speaking in Jerusalem.

Poroshenko has invited Netanyahu to Ukraine. “Together with the Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu is planning to visit Odessa, who has a long history associated with the Jewish people”, – stated in the message on the page Poroshenko on Twitter.