Ukraine and Russia agreed on gas transit, the British Parliament endorsed the deal on Brexit. Most importantly for the day

Украина и РФ договорились по транзиту газа, британский парламент поддержал сделку по Brexit. Главное за день

Agreement on gas transit

December 20 at the talks in Minsk representatives of Ukraine, Russia and the European Commission “reached final agreement on principled positions” on the transit of Russian gas, said the Office of the President of Ukraine. Russian Gazprom said that Ukraine and Russia signed a Protocol agreement on the continuation of transit of gas through territory of Ukraine and settlement of mutual claims.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said that the new five-year contract for transit must be signed before the end of the year.

The British Parliament supported Brexit

The British Parliament supported the agreement Brexit, according to which the country leaves the European Union on January 31.

The courts of appeals Antonenko and Kuzmenko moved

The appellate court of Kiev postponed consideration of the appeal on the detention of a soldier of the special operations Forces of the Armed forces of Ukraine, the musician Andrei Antonenko (Riffmaster), who is suspected in the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet, on December 23 in connection with absence of the prosecutors. For this reason, on December 24, postponed consideration of the appeal on the measure of restraint other supernumerary case – children’s heart surgeon and volunteer Julia Kuzmenko.

The suspect and her friends didn’t want to leave the courtroom and demanded that prosecutors and appeals. In this regard, the security forces stormed the room, to be able to overcome it.

The hryvnia is the world leader in strengthening in 2019

The Ukrainian hryvnia has become a leader among global currencies, the pace of consolidation, reported Bloomberg. Since the beginning of the year the hryvnia to the US dollar appreciated by 19%.