Ukraine and Turkey have established a company for the development of shock drone

Украина и Турция создали предприятие для разработки ударного дрона

The drone will be able to explore with greater heights and hours to be in the air.

Company “UkrSpetsExport”, which is part of the “Ukroboronprom”, and the Turkish manufacturer Baykar drone Defence established a joint venture in the field of precision weapons and aerospace technologies.

“The main objective is to combine the capacity of the defense systems of the two countries for mass production of new models of modern weapons for their own armies. This will allow us to move away from classical contracts for the purchase and sale of weapons to a fundamentally new level of cooperation – synergy defense technologies and combination of advanced developments of Turkey and Ukraine”, – said in a statement.

One of the first projects of the joint venture will be to develop the unmanned aerial vehicle of a new generation. This drone will be able to explore high altitude, hours of be in the air, may promote greater cruising speed and strike a wide range of high-precision weapons.

It is known that the drone will be equipped with engines of Ukrainian origin, able to work in extreme conditions.

Bayraktar TB2 can carry guided anti-tank missiles and bombs. It is equipped with an internal combustion engine Rotax 912, the body is made of composite materials and equipped with an automatic take-off and landing.