Ukraine broke last year’s record production of vegetables

Украина побила прошлогодний рекорд по производству овощей

In 2018, Ukraine considerably increased production of vegetables group lettuce, peppers, zucchini and pumpkins. Thus a strong tendency to demonstrate the production of vegetables “borsch”, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions, according to

It is noted that the structure of production of vegetable crops at the end of last year remained virtually unchanged. It is based on:

tomatoes – about 24-25%,

cabbage – 17-18%,

cucumbers – 10-11%

onion – 9-11%.

Remained almost unchanged and the structure of areas under vegetable crops.

Thus, a promising direction is the growing niche export-oriented crops, such as asparagus. However, while the volume of production remains small – about 1 thousand tons

In total, according to UkrAgroConsult, in 2018, the domestic growers managed to gather 9430000 tons of vegetables, which is to 133.5 thousand tons exceeds the rate of 2017 and the previous two seasons.