Ukraine broke off from the CIS, a number of agreements

Украина разорвала с СНГ еще ряд соглашений

23 January, on the initiative of the Ministry of economic development, the government has stopped for Ukraine the effect of the three agreements on economic cooperation, concluded in the framework of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

On 23 January at the initiative of the Ministry, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has suspended the three agreements on economic cooperation, concluded in the framework of the CIS.

The agreement on interstate exchange of economic information, the agreement on information exchange in the field of foreign trade and cooperation agreement in the field of foreign economic activity.

A draft resolution developed by the Ministry of economic development pursuant to the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On decision of national security Council and defense of Ukraine” of 2 may 2018.

Intergovernmental agreement on the exchange of economic information (concluded on 26 June 1992) and the agreement on exchange of information in the field of foreign economic activity (concluded on 24 September 1993) provided for the exchange between countries-participants of CIS relevant economic information and statistical indicators of socio-economic situation in the countries, initiated by the governments economic transformation, international trade and so on.

“In the current situation of these agreements have already lost their practical value and is not applied as the necessary and potentially useful economic information available to the public on the official websites of Executive authorities of Ukraine and relevant international organizations which member is Ukraine”, – stated in the Ministry.

The third document – the agreement on cooperation in the field of foreign economic activity (concluded on 15 may 1992) provided that the countries-participants of the CIS will jointly coordinate their policies and cooperate in the implementation of foreign trade activities with third countries and international organizations.

“However, Ukraine today has a number of priority commitments in the field of international trade as a member of the world trade organization (WTO), as well as in the framework of the Association Agreement with the EU, and a number of provisions of the Agreement on cooperation in the field of foreign trade within the CIS is contrary to this commitment. To overcome this contradiction, the effect of this Agreement is suspended for Ukraine “, – reported in the Ministry.

According to the decision of the government of Ukraine, Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine must inform the CIS Executive Committee on the termination of these three agreements for Ukraine.