Ukraine can replace up to 20 billion cubic meters of gas domestic resources – MHP

Украина может заменить до 20 миллиардов кубов газа внутренними биоресурсами - МХП

Ukraine can replace up to 20 billion cubic meters of gas domestic resources, which will greatly save on the annual purchase of imported energy.

This was stated by the President of the energy company MHP Eco energy Alexander Dombrowski in an interview with “NV”.

“Ukraine as an agricultural country has a huge bioenergy potential. Estimates of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, we can replace about 20 billion cubic meters of gas domestic resources. And it is a renewable resource that takes CO2 from the air and gives a positive multiplier effect on the economy,” said Dombrowski.

The results of bioenergy development, in his opinion, can be large-scale production of biogas, biomethane, green electricity and thermal energy, bioethanol and the use of these resources in the transport sector. Innovations will require substantial investment and innovation.

“The formula that I gave, is relatively “four I’s”: information, innovation, integration and investment. This chain allows a country to have high-tech, high-tech product,” – said Dombrowski.

PRAT “MHP Eco energy is a supplier of “green” electricity in some regions of Ukraine. The society has two powerful biogas plant and rooftop solar power.

Bioenergy is the energy sector, based on the use of biofuel, produced from biomass, biologically renewable substance of organic origin that is biodegradable. Usually biomass using agricultural residues (crops and livestock), forestry and technologically related industries, organic part of industrial and domestic waste. Supporters of the industry based on the fact that for Ukraine, the bioenergy should be one of strategic directions of development of sector of renewable energy, given the high dependence on imported energy. Today, the share of biomass in gross final energy consumption is 1,78%.