Ukraine can restore air links with Russia, Shmigal – a “compromise” Prime Minister. The most important of Telegram channels

Украина может восстановить авиасообщение с РФ, Шмигаль - "компромиссный" премьер. Главное из Telegram-каналов

The editorial Board draws the reader’s attention that many popular Telegram-channels are anonymous, and published information is difficult to verify.

Ermak wants to dismiss the Minister of veterans Affairs and the occupied territories

Source Telegram-channel “Legitimate” in the Office of the President States that the head of the OP Andrey Ermak calling for the dismissal of the Minister of veterans Affairs, the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Oksana Kolyada.

“Ermak insists that the Agency should be headed by a trusted person of the President. As assistant to the President, Ermak advocated the separation of the Ministry (the Department was created by merging the Ministry of veterans Affairs and the Department of the temporarily occupied territories under President Vladimir Zelensky. “GORDON”). The Ministry for reintegration was to lead the people of Ermak, who’d worked with him on “Donbass case”. One of the contenders for the position were Sergey Sivoho,” said an anonymous source.

Ukraine to restore its relations with Russia

The source of the “Resident’s” claims that Ermak is working on five projects “to restore trade and economic relations with Russia.”

“We expect a restoration of air links between [Ukraine and Russia], the appointment of ambassadors, a direct trade agreements and direct deliveries of gas from Russia”, – writes the public.

Smigel – “compromise” the Prime Minister

Former independent MP Borislav Birch said that Deputy Prime Minister Denis Shmigel, appointed in early February, may, under certain conditions to lead the government.

“If you can’t get some “adults and adequate” to form a government and become Prime Minister, it is likely to be a compromise that rating and Zelensky will not collapse, and the voices in the hall [the Verkhovna Rada] will receive, and will not attempt to challenge the leadership Zelensky. So take a closer look,” wrote ex-MP.