Ukraine – center of the world, or Why fails the American legal system

Украина - центр мира, или Почему сбоит американская правовая система

The Committee on national security and governmental Affairs, United States Senate, under the leadership close to Donald Trump Senator Ron Johnson voted for discovery of documents of the consulting company Blue Star Strategies in business and Burisma hunter Biden, son of possible presidential candidate Joe Biden. This scandalous vote showed that sometimes the vaunted American legal system is faltering, resting on the human factor. Republicans corny use Ukraine in their election race, and the Ukrainian authorities have to do hard work to save us-Ukrainian relations at the same level.

In early March of this year, immediately after super Tuesday, which made Joe Biden as the favorite in the democratic primaries and likely contender Donald trump on the autumn presidential elections, Republican Senator Ron Johnson said he wants the summer to publish a report on its investigation into the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings and hunter Biden. Following this, he Donald trump noted that waiting for these materials Johnson, vowing to make the theme of hunter and Ukraine “the main issue of the campaign Joe Biden”. In fact, even before a full investigation the Republicans have already made it clear that his result would be an indictment for Biden.

In late may, the Committee of the Senate, where Ron Johnson dominated, voted a Republican majority for the agenda for the consulting company Blue Star Strategies, which was used at the time Burisma. Now Johnson under the noisy protests of the Democrats want to recover from the Blue Star documents on the work of hunter Biden in Ukraine despite the fact that the CEO of Blue Star Strategies Karen Tramontana says that her company collaborates with the Committee since December and have already responded in writing to legislators. And it is not important because due to the lack of legal grounds, the headquarters of the trump through the loyal Senator Johnson uses the case Burisma exclusively for the maintenance of media noise during the election campaign.

Influential Republican Senator and former candidate for U.S. President MITT Romney said recently that he believes the investigation into Ron Johnson’s politically motivated. But even Romney did not dare to go against the will of the party and not personally, and by proxy, voted in favor of requesting documents, Blue Star. On the eve of voting trump during a private lunch asked the Republicans to be more “hard”, and the majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell urged his party members to “not care about the protests of the Democrats” at stake “the injustice to the President,” CNN reports.

More forthright in their judgments of the American media. The material CNN says that “trump and his allies have repeatedly put forward unfounded and false allegations that Biden and his son acted corruption in Ukraine”. Even prorepublican The Hill categorically writes that “trump and some of its allies circulate defamatory narrative that Joe Biden allegedly tried to remove the Ukrainian Prosecutor Victor Shokin for the sake of protecting his son”, while “there is no evidence that any of Biden broke the law and corruption in the office Shokin talked a lot not only on international level but also in both parties of Congress.”

It’s about the fact that in addition to theories with the help of Ukrainian “assistants” diligently produces personal lawyer trump, Rudy Giuliani, in the US neither Biden nor Burisma nothing. Senator Johnson was even forced to cancel the interrogation of the notorious ex-diplomat Andrei Telizhenko, the Senate Committee, explaining that in the testimony many differences. Burisma became the thread with which Giuliani wants to sew a patchwork of unrelated accusations against Biden senior. But for half a year, Rudy never found, and the tramp nearly tripped impeachment, demanding from Vladimir Zelensky investigation in Ukraine.

Explanation of the tenacity with which Giuliani “digs” under Biden, should be sought in the character of the tramp. In a controversial book by the famous journalist Bob Woodward’s much attention paid to how the American President “breaks up” with his closest associates, suspecting them of lack of loyalty and protection of his name. According to the sources Woodward, Giuliani repeatedly got from trump during the campaign of 2016, and now the failure of the “Ukrainian cause” will mean for counsel’s deletion of his name from the list of the nearest environment of the President. This is not only a reputational and monetary losses and possible repetition of the fate of Paul Manafort, sentenced to 7.5 years in prison. Therefore, there is no doubt that Giuliani and Johnson will go to the end, just to help Trump to get re-elected. For a Senator it is now a matter of political survival.

It is important to remember that in parallel with the investigation of Johnson Senator Lindsey Graham is investigating possible collusion between trump and the Russian and the Russian intervention in the American elections. Democrats believe that the process by Biden and Burisma’s headquarters Donald trump tries to push the investigation into Graham for second place, and Barack Obama earlier said that it is an artificial replacement of the Russian intervention in Ukrainian. In addition, in the American media at all walks information about the facts of misuse of funds from the “coronavirus” state Fund” for campaign Committee of the incumbent. To investigate this case too, should the Committee Ron Johnson, but he is in no hurry with him. Such an investigation would be a serious blow for the prospects of the trump to get re-elected, it is not surprising that Johnson every effort has been cast on the scandal with Biden.

And what to do about Ukraine?

Obviously, the whole process Biden and Burisma initiated solely at the election and will lose its relevance by the end of the year. NBC News Kurt Bardella compares it with the scandal four years ago, when Republicans in the House of representatives gave Hillary Clinton, the rival trump, defamation hearings on the tragedy in Benghazi. As soon as the election is over, about Benghazi and the actions of Clinton as Secretary of state all instantly forgotten.

If history repeated itself, in the USA it will not cause any shocks for the United States has become the norm digging in the linen of the candidates before the election. But the fate of Ukraine and U.S.-Ukrainian relations will largely depend on the actions of Kiev in the next six months.

The best win-win strategy now is not to intervene. And arguments for this position in Kiev enough.

First, there is a clear understanding and even experience real, the stakes are “winner” can get out sideways. And not only that Kiev is not able to put. A quarrel with one of the parties is not a priori be considered a victory for Ukraine, which needs the support of the US President and the entire Congress.

Secondly, there is the authoritative decision of the London court who heard extensive evidence of action against Burisma and found the accusations baseless. Therefore, Europe had lifted the arrest of accounts Zlochevsky. After that, the company settled tax issues with the Ukrainian government. That is, in fact, the investigation of Burisma has already been carried out during the British judicial process, and it has not found any violations. But if so, then collapsing all charge Giuliani and Co., who claim that hunter Biden Burisma helped “solve” the problems associated with corruption.

Thirdly, in none of the cases that have been in Ukraine Burisma not mentioned the name of hunter Biden. Repeatedly discussed this with the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko and Ruslan riaboshapka. “I don’t want Ukraine again became the subject of presidential elections in the United States. Hunter Biden had not violated any Ukrainian laws,” – quoted Lutsenko prorepublican The Hill. Because everything in Burisma touched since the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych and Biden, Jr., joined the company in April 2014. And it is unclear what is meant Viktor Shokin, who in an interview with Rudy Giuliani says that he was going to investigate Burisma and hunter, and paid for that position. As already mentioned, the name of hunter does not appear in these materials, and Shokin at the time, brought them to NABOO, because it is not considered promising.

Fourth, giving at the mercy of U.S. senators, one of the largest taxpayers and gas producers of the country, Ukraine may lose not only politically, but also financially. International business is largely tied to reputation. In this case, the Ukrainian authorities should take the example of Donald trump, who defends the interests of big American corporations, not curasi even the loud international scandals. Because this is about the income of the U.S. budget, jobs and well-being of Americans.

And fifth, in Ukraine the scandal and hyping the Pro-Kremlin policy headed by Andriy Derkach. Each pursuing purely personal interests, like Kolomoisky, trying to negotiate with the Americans about ending an inquiry about buying property on the “laundered hundreds of millions of dollars” in the United States. And hardly anyone of them cares about the interests of Ukraine.

I think President Zelensky understands this, because recently in an interview with Britain’s The Telegraph clearly outlined the lines of his “American” policy. “Why do I need to re-draw it in Ukraine? Now we enjoy bipartisan support in the United States both in Congress and in the Senate. We have the support of the President. These records are not a priority,” said Zelensky, and The Telegraph made in the title even more – Zelensky urges US not to draw Ukraine into the American elections.