Ukraine condemns rocket fire into Israel from the Gaza strip

Украина осуждает ракетный обстрел Израиля из сектора Газа

Ukraine strongly condemns the massive rocket attacks suffered by Israel from the Gaza strip in recent days. About it reports press-slugbait Ukraine.

“It is unacceptable that the civilian population becomes a hostage of those forces in the Gaza strip, who continue the practice of violence and terror, thereby jeopardizing and residents of Israel and their own people. Israelis and Palestinians must live in peace”, – stated in the message.

Foreign Ministry calls for an immediate cease-fire and de-escalate the situation.

“It’s a shame that these attacks happened after a Day of memory of victims of the Holocaust and on the eve of the Holy Muslim month of Ramadan”, – noted in the diplomatic service.

Earlier it became known that the Palestinian radicals itsector Gas fired poitrail the Sutra of 4th may, more than 600 missiles, 150 of ‘ em were intercepted by air defense system “Iron dome.”

Watersnails military struck about three hundred military targets radicals in hall Gas. Also attacked press service of the army called “multiple tunnels podzemnog the militants’ infrastructure, military camps, warehouses oruzheinyi shop, missile launchers”. Voskresenie the Israeli military has removed Palestinian schemas associated a financier, responsible, potverzhdenie press service, superedge cash Tirana armed groups in hall Gas.

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