Ukraine decreased the number of “coronavirus” areas

В Украине уменьшилось количество "коронавирусных" областей

The Ministry of health of Ukraine has banned to weaken the quarantine in 9 regions.

According to information from the list of excluded Transcarpathian and Khmelnytsky region, while it added to the Nikolaev area.

It is noted that as of 7 August, the quarantine is not ready to soften:

  • Volyn oblast (identifying 15,84% at a rate of less than 11);
  • Zhytomyr region (identifying 13,06%);
  • Ivano-Frankivsk region (identification of 18.78% and the dynamics of 24,81% at a rate of less than 10);
  • Mykolaiv region (dynamics 41,80%), Odessa region (dynamics 33,14%);
  • Rivne region (identifying 15,56%);
  • Kharkiv region (identification of 16.15% and dynamics 36,71%);
  • Chernivtsi region (the load beds of 55.88%, while the norm is less than 50%, revealing 19,28% and dynamics 48,43%); Chernihiv oblast (identifying to 11.32%).

Earlier we wrote that Kiev could return to strict quarantine restrictions. In the capital began to increase the number of infected.