“Ukraine did not do anything” politician dispelled the lie of the invaders of the Crimea

''Украина ничего не делала'': политик развеял ложь оккупантов о Крыме

Russian propaganda in the Crimea and actively enforces the view that Ukraine “did nothing” for the Peninsula.

The former head of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Serhiy Kunitsyn said on the ObozTV about the Ukrainian contribution to the development of the Crimea.

“Enormously large things did the Ukraine, although now they say that Ukraine didn’t do anything. In 1998, the hungry year, Kuchma made a decision to build a pipeline Dzhankoy-Feodosia-Kerch length of 275 km, and a million Crimean residents have received natural gas, which have even in the Soviet time was not” – said Kunitsyn.

According to him, on the Peninsula “clever individual deputies of the state Duma of Sevastopol”, which before “was very fond of Ukraine, is now very fond of Russia”.

“I in 2006, when he came to Sevastopol Governor, the city was drowning in garbage. Primorsky Boulevard was broken, it was impossible to walk. Monument to the scuttled ships fell. The monument to the heroic defense of Sevastopol in the vernacular was called “squid” because of its 1973 nobody could build, and we have him for 5 months completed,” he listed Kunitsyn.

“With Yushchenko, we have built a gas ring, looped Sevastopol, which was freezing in winter. At the Malakhov hill is not burned with eternal fire – we rebuilt it. We built with head of national Bank Stelmakh during the year the Academy of banking for a billion. And it’s not Ukraine?” – he stressed.

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