Ukraine “donor”, allowing to suck my

Украина «донор», позволяющий высасывать из себя последнее

The world’s strongest country to earn the weak and others manage to balance in this scheme without doing great damage to its own economy. But Ukraine managed to get a unique the number of those who allow themselves to cash in, with only small handouts.

Such opinion in his article was expressed by the journalist Ivan Burgin in the online edition Ukraine news – From-UA.

Burgin notes that the thirst for get-rich-quick was the basis of all the ills of dashing 90. Gangster racketeering, prosecutors and police extortions, bribery of officials, pyramid schemes, embezzlement, oil and gas schemes and tax scams, the looting of factories, their Directors, artificial bankruptcy and the “grabbing” of export enterprises, oligarchs – that’s how was created the first large capital. But with the beginning of the new century, some methods of “quick money” become obsolete, they were replaced by new ones: “cut” the budget funds through tenders, Bank fraud, fictitious VAT, the coal schemes, smuggling, the plunder of the earth.

Large scale, according to Porgina, this acquired prospecting: cutting of woods, amber and barbaric catch engaged as businessmen, and just ordinary people, dreaming to catch in the muddy swamp of its enormous piece of “amber”.

“Not forgotten, and the very first way – overpricing. Fond of them as a state, regularly raising tariffs and business, the constant rewriting of labels problem solver of their profits. And with the growth of prices and tariffs is still not kept pace with wages and pensions. “Shock therapy” continues for Ukrainians already three decades!”, – the journalist says.

Also the author notes that in the Western countries business is also not perfect, but between us is very significant difference: there economy is based on the real production of goods and services that fill the shops, which produces machines and giving well-paid job.

“And what is based the economy of Ukraine? The remnants of raw materials export industry, agricultural exports and the money migrant workers, plus the rapidly growing pyramid Oguz and IMF loans – that allows Ukraine to continue to import everything, from apples and potatoes to electronics and cars. Continuing the economic policy initiated in the late 80’s: not hard to produce their own, and “mow the dough” and buy foreign”, – he says.

In summary, Burgin focuses on the fact that if you look at the situation on a larger scale, we see that all this time, the Ukrainians in their pursuit of “quick loot” gutting his own country and each other. And it’s not just bad, it eriskware!

“The world economy is the distribution of roles: some countries earn on others out of profits or products, other countries hold a positive balance, but others, such as Ukraine, are only “donors” for the first. Just as many people who whole life working for someone, giving him added value, and then give their penny wages constantly rising in price for goods and services – and in the end eat up what they had gain only old age, disease and debt”, – concluded the author.