Ukraine entered the TOP 5 countries with the cheapest mobile Internet

Украина вошла в ТОП-5 стран с самым дешевым мобильным интернетом

British resource on telecommunications Cable regularly reviews the cost of Internet services around the world and plots it on an interactive map. And that portal has published another study.

According to the study, Ukraine is among the top 5 countries with the cheapest mobile Internet in the world. It is reported by the Informant Tech, referring to Cable.

Our country is in fifth place with a very good performance. The average price for 1GB of mobile Internet in our country is $0,46 (of 12.26 UAH), the lowest price of $0.25 (as of 6.66 UAH), and the most expensive in Ukraine is considered to be an indicator of 1.48 (for 39.44) 1 GB. The top five cheapest countries are also included: India ($0.09 per 1 GB), Israel ($0,11), Kyrgyzstan ($0,21) and Italy (USD 0.43). “All these countries have a great fibre optic broadband infrastructure (Italy, India, Ukraine, Israel),” – said in the study. The most expensive Internet in remote areas of the UK: St Helena – $52,2 per 1 GB; Falkland Islands – $40,41; Republic of Nauru – $30,47; Bermuda – $28,75 and the Republic of Sao Tome and Principe – $28,26 for 1GB.