Ukraine exported to Russia goods worth 1.3 billion dollars

Украина экспортировал в РФ товаров на 1,3 млрд долларов

In January-may 2019 Ukraine exported goods to Russia to 1 billion 336,1 million. which is 11.7% less than in the same period of 2018. This is evidenced by data of the state Statistics Committee, reports UNN.

The Ukrainian import from Russia also fell, but not significantly. For 5 months of this year Ukraine imported from Russia goods on 3 billion 143,4 million. which is 1.3% less than in January-may 2018.

Specific procurement structure of the state Statistics of the Russian Federation does not.

Recall that in may 2018 Ukraine announced an updated list of companies that are subject to the anti-Russian economic sanctions. So, under the restrictive measures of the national security Council has got 1748 756 physical and legal entities.

The purpose of sanctions is to ban business with Russian roots to work in Ukraine, but they also affect those companies that work outside of our country, but help Ukrainian producers to supply their goods on the Russian territory.

For example, among pidsanktsiynyh companies have Russian and Belarusian intermediary firms OOO “World of Beer” registered in Minsk and “Beltreyd” (Smolensk, Russia).

According Zarechny district court of Sumy, through the LLC “World of Beer” production of the Ukrainian manufacturer LLC “Snack-Export” (snacks) were delivered to the territory of the Russian Federation and ORDO.

And according to the information released by the journalist Denis Kazan, from the “World of Beer” Ukrainian snacks were sent to OOO “Beltreyd”.

Note that the company “Snack Export” belongs to the father of the people’s Deputy from Sergey RPL Fishing – Victor Fishing.